Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zozo The Ouija Nightmare

Photo taken during contact with zozo

For thousands of years man used some sort of media to receive messages from deities. Since the mid 19th century no other spirits name has been repeated more than Zozo.

 Thousands of people all over the world are reporting a nasty entity or entities which are called Zozo, or the Z-series entities (zo, zuzu, zaza, zono, etc). Another entity worth mentioning that likes to join the Z entities is an entity that goes by the name Mama.

Zozo is said to be extremely intelligent, and often moody. He sometimes claims to be a guardian for spirits in limbo, who were not allowed to advance into the higher realms. There are other reports that Zozo acts as a friendly entity until it get a hold in our dimension. Then it quickly turns into a very foul entity.

The entity has been known to curse you out and talk about how it would like to possess family members and take them to paradise. Folks that have seen it say it looks Latin/Hebrew and speaks using biblical terminology.

Most people who have come in contact with Zozo report deaths, suicides, accidents, severe poltergeist activity and health issues.

So what could Zozo be and how can this entity been it so many places?

Most believe Zozo is a demon and its name meaning “The Destroyer”. Some say the 3 headed dog demon that guards the gates of hell has zozo on its forehead. Aleister Crowley claimed zozo meant 666.

Is it really Bahzozo an ancient malicious and wicked spirit from the day of the Babylonian empire, people use to sacrifice their new born children to it.

Or could Zozo be a djinn which are much like a demon and will even tell you they are a demon. But unlike a demon a djinn doesn’t possess for the soul they possess for pure pleasure.

I don’t believe Zozo is one entity, if it is djinn which I believe it to be. It may be a certain clan of djinn, each clan having a different name like zozo, zuzu, zo, etc…

Mike Morris

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