Saturday, August 13, 2011

Egyptian Deities

“As above, so below” is one of the most ancient of religious beliefs. Meaning the world we live in reflects some higher order.

The Elements

Hapi- Lord of earth he teaches that it is not evil to desire money, for without it the world could not function.

Qheben-sun-eh-Lord of the air is concerned with study, education, writing and all forms of communication, also the messenger of the gods.

Inset- Lord of water the protector from all wickedness and evil, and the vanities of all men.

Tua-maat-ef- Lord of fire, the fire in the soul, the passion for concepts, causes, and people. Inspires us to take chances and to believe in what you do.

Anubis- god of the night and those who can see into the future. This god also takes the deceased by the hand along the corridor of Restau in the hall of Maat. He is the son of Nepthys and shares his mother’s depth of emotion.

Horus- Son of Isis and Osiris, the god of travelers. After his birth Isis hid him in the Papyi Swamps. Where he was brought up by his aunt Nepthys. He is the enemy of Set.

Isis- The personification of the famine force of nature and protector of all she produced. Osiris was her husband; he was killed by her brother-in-law Set. Isis through magical means became pregnant by Osiris and gave birth to a son Horus.

Maat- Goddess of truth and wisdom. The deceased are taken to her hall to be questioned before they can proceed to Egyptian heaven. She symbolizes law of existents, law of creation and constant renewal. The ostrich feather in her headband is the symbol of truth.

Nefer-Tem- is one of the examiners in the Hall of Maat where the fate of the soul is decided.

Nepthys- She was Sets wife; aware of the enmity between Set and Horus she raised the young god. Isis and Nepthys are frequently shown together. Isis is bountiful and fertile, Nepthys is quiet and reflective.

Osiris- the oldest and best known gods of ancient Egypt. He is the god that turned Egypt into a sophisticated society. Set jealous of his popularity killed Osiris and scattered his dismembered body throughout Egypt.

Ptah-the master architect and designer of everything in the world. He molded man and woman on his potter’s wheel of creation.

RA (the sun) he was considered to have the same feelings and desires as man. He appeared every morning, worked his way across the sky and died at sunset. This god was considered immortal to survive death at every sunset.

Sekhmet- a fire goddess, the goddess of will and strength. Also the mistress of healing and destruction.

Sept- closely aligned with the star Sirius, protector of the east where RA emerged in the morning. He destroyed the enemies of the gods.

Set- represents intense emotional power; he rules the realm of night. A god of life and plenty, he fell into disfavor and was depicted as the murderer of Osiris.

Thoth- noted all that happened so it could be stored in the halls of learning. He was the scribe of the gods. He is responsible for the seven emerald tablets of wisdom, which explain the secrets of creation.

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