Sunday, August 21, 2011

We are starting a Meetup Group!

Explore the Supernatural and Paranormal with us!
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Exploring the Supernatural and Paranormal is a film and blog collaboration by Mike Morris and Kerri L. Schultz. Their mutual interest in the supernatural and paranormal led Mike, a paranormal investigator and lecturer since 1986,and Kerri, a paranormal investigator and professional psychic since 2001, to team up to explore the local hauntings in Schuylkill County, PA. Soon it was apparent that this was not enough which led Mike and Kerri to research all types of phenomena based on a psychic and scientific viewpoint. This is what will be explored in the ESP Meetups!

The Meetings
Meetings will be held monthly and will be based on different topics within the scope of the supernatural and paranormal worlds. No experience or knowledge in in paranormal investigation is necessary. Mike and Kerri will be presenting and discussing

The Workshops

Mike and Kerri will be also be offering workshops for both beginners and experienced paranormal investigators or those just wanting to know more about investigations and the paranormal. Workshops will be announced and will cover previously discussed topics but much more indepth.

The Topics

Some of the topics we will cover are: Types of spirits, types of evidence, types of haunting, paranormal investigation professionalism, dealing with clients, helping clients, ghost hunting equipment and instruction on how to use it. What are guardians, djinn, elementals, thoughtforms, and demons? We will be talking about local legends and popular paranormal news. And so much more!!!!!

The Field Trips

Mike and Kerri will be working to setup field trips to haunted locations. This will allow members to partake in an actual investigations, use the equipement, and view the evidence.

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