Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black-Eyed People

Words people have used to describe black-eyed people are creepy, unnerving, threatening, sinister and even inhuman.

Black-eyed people come in all shapes and sizes, children, teenagers, and adults. Black is not a natural eye color, though dark brown and dark blue can look black under low light conditions. Most black-eyed people reports claim the entire eye is black with no or very little white on the eyes.

Most black-eyed people are male, though females are reported; they have very pale skin tone. Their hair is dark and they were dark clothing. Many reports are of black-eyed kids, they look to be around the age of 10 years old. They often don’t wear shoes and look dirty.

They are said to have no personality. Folks that have encountered these beings have felt an overwhelming feeling of fear or dread. It has also been reported that their voices are hypnotic like its very hard not to fall to temptation.

They always seem to have a problem, needing a ride or needing to use your home phone. A very strange thing that is always reported about the black-eyed people is that they always ask permission to enter, whether it is your home or car. If they are told no they get very agitated and demanding.

If you’re traveling and see one chances are you will see the same black-eyed person several times, several miles apart. They are also known to hound you all night till dawn, and then they seem to have gone away.
Those whom have actually talked to them say they often say they don’t have a home. Cameras seem to be incapable of capturing them. There is a report of a man who was in an elevator with one, when he reviewed the security camera no one was on the elevator with him.

What are they? Some folks believe they are vampires; a classic trait of a vampire is to ask permission to enter. They are also said to have hypnotic voices. Some folks seem to think they are demons looking for an easy possession. Most think they are aliens. They believe they are trying to take our form so they can fit into society.

Mike Morris


  1. Hei, I've been reading up on this black eyed children or kids mystery and I've stumbled by mistake upon this blog which tells a rather interesting story.

    It relates the black eyed children to none other than vampires, the queen of them actually.

    This story is so real, so well written, that it shook my beliefs from the core. It really makes you wonder... what if?

    Here's the link if you care to read it, mind you, it's rather big:

  2. A long time ago, my boyfriend and a friend of his saw something similar to this outside the door looking through the window. They said it was late at night, but the street lights lit up the area. It was a little girl wearing rags and no shoes. Her hair was matted and dark, and her eyes were black. He also said she looked extremely dirty, and maybe her flesh was rotting. She stared at them, and then ran at inhuman speeds into the forest. He hasn't talked about it since. I brought it up once, and it made him cringe. He's since repressed it. That property's always felt a little off. He and I both saw a shadow man years later in that house. (sorry for the long comment)