Monday, September 12, 2011

Voodoo is it evil? Marie Laveau was she evil?

There are many misconceptions of Voodoo, it is said to be evil. Marie Laveau was said to be evil by some and a saint by others. After researching Marie it’s still up in the air whether she is evil or not. But before we get to Marie let’s take a look at Voodoo.

The Fon people of West Africa have a word for spirit, which is Vodoun. Voodoo is how it is said in America. Voodoo is a three tier spiritual system based on god, spirits and ancestors. A single god and creator are very much a part of Voodoo, but god is detached from everyday life.

In Voodoo a host of spirits interacts with humans in all matters of fate and fortune. Deceased ancestors remain a force in life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toys "R" Us Toy Demonstrations by a Ghost

Many believe that only buildings can be haunted and that the likely cause is a person’s death on the premises. There are a great percentage of hauntings that can be categorized under these circumstances, but it is also possible that a person can be attached to the land. This leads us to the unfortunate and heartbreaking story of Johnny Johnson.

Johnny Johnson (or Yonny Yohanson) was a young Scandinavian immigrant who was studying for the ministry in the late 1800s. One summer he took a job working on the farm of wealthy landowner Martin Murphy, Jr. in Sunnyvale California. It is said that at some point during his employment with Murphy he contracted encephalitis, which caused brain damage. Johnson never completed his ministry study and stayed on as a hired hand due to his mental impairment.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Flatwoods Monster

September 12th 1952, a report of an unidentified extraterrestrial seen in Flatwoods, Braxton County West Virginia. It was soon to become known as the Flatwoods monster, also called the Braxton county monster or the phantom of Flatwoods.

Two brothers, Eddie and Freddie May and friend Tommy Hyer witnessed a bright object go across the sky. The object seemed to have landed on a nearby farm owned by G. Bailey Fisher.

On their way to the farm the boys stopped and got their mother Kathleen May. Three more boys joined the party Neil Nundey, Ronnie Shaver, and Eugene Lemon. Once they got to the farm, Lemons dog ran ahead of the group barking and howling. Then the dog came running back with its tail between its legs. They travelled another ¼ mile to a small hill and on the other side they saw a pulsating ball of fire. They also came across a pungent mist that burned their eyes and nose.