Monday, August 22, 2011

The Lochness Monster

Is the Lochness Monster a plesiosaur?

The earliest report of Nessie was by an Irish monk Saint Columbia. St. Columbia came across locals that were burying a man, whom they claimed was attacked by Nessie. They said Nessie mauled him and drug him under while swimming in River Ness. They tried to save him but till they got there they just found a corpse.

St. Columbia sent his follower Luigne moccu Min in the river to swim, the beast came after him. St. Columbia made the sign of the cross and commanded go no further, don’t touch the man, go back at once. The beast immediately halted and fled in terror, Columbia and company praised God for the miracle.

Is it evidence that the Lochness monster has been around since the 6th century?

July 22, 1933 George Spicer and his wife saw the beast cross the road in front of them. August of the same year Author Grant said he almost hit the beast on the North-eastern shore around 1am. He said the beast crossed the road in front of him and then went into the loch.

1938 Chief constable William Fraser believed without a doubt that the monster existed. He expressed concern regarding a hunting party that came equipped with a specially made harpoon.

1938 a tourist G.E. Taylor filmed something in Lochness for 3 minutes which was in the possession of Maurice Burton. Burton refused to let any investigators see the film.

1943 C.B. Farrel of the Royal Observer Corps claimed to have seen the monster.

December 1954 a fishing boat named Rival III made strange sonar contact. A large object 480ft deep was keeping pace with the boat.

1960 an engineer Tim Dinsdal filmed a hump crossing the water in a powerful wake unlike a boat. 1993 a documentary called Lochness Discovered featured a digital enhancement of the dinsdal film. The computer expert that enhanced the film noticed a shadow in the negative. He found what appears to be the rear of the body, the rear flippers and additional humps.

2007 Gordon Holmes captured video which he says is a jet black thing. Adrian Shine a Lochness biologist said it is among the best footage he has ever seen. He also suggested it may be an otter, seal or water bird. New broadcast of the footage below.

The famous photograph- Surgeons Photograph 1934 Robert Kenneth Wilson took the photo while looking at the loch. He saw the monster and snapped five photos of it, only two photos were clear. The image was revealed as a hoax in 1994. It was concluded that it was nothing more than a toy submarine with a head built on it.

Possible explanations are bird wakes, eels, otters, seals, trees, optical effects (choppy reflections), and elephants. Traveling circuses may have let elephants in the loch to refresh themselves.

Who knows what lies at the bottom of Lochness. Could it be that the Lochness Monster does exist? Even with the technology we have today Lochness still remains a mystery.

Mike Morris

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