Friday, August 19, 2011

Prince Chupa- Maryland's Chupacabra Mystery

June 1st 2011 Prince George hospital center went smoke free. Smokers now had to go into a wooded area to smoke; sighting of a mysterious creature soon took place. Hospital workers were seeing a creature that no one could identify. Soon the mysterious creature was being called a chupacabra. They named it Prince Chupa.

Joe Livermore trapped the animal that he described as a mix of a kangaroo, dog, rat, with a head of a deer. He said quite frankly he didn’t know what it was, and decided to trap it to get a better look at the animal. After the animal was trapped they took several photos and videos of the creature and then released it back into the wild.

Joe, hoping that someone could identify it sent the photos and videos to local veterinarians.

An official from Maryland Animal Control says it’s a fox that has lost all its hair from the mange. Mange is a disease caused by mange mites. Symptoms of the mange are loss of hair, skin wrinkling and scabbing. Although rare, humans can get mange from animals infected by it.

Hospital workers are skeptical of it being a fox; one worker saying no way it can be a fox it hops, some workers calling it a fox- a- roo. Hospital workers now are considering whether to take up the animal control offer to bring in wildlife experts.

My opinion it’s a fox, after looking at some video of red fox with the mange I believe this animal to be a red fox. Take a look at the video and decided for yourself.

Mike Morris

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