Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Residual Haunting

It is said that residual haunts are the most common type of haunting, thought I would not agree.

Residual energy is an energy imprint, everyone imprints their environment. Everyone has a favorite room in their home, the more time you spend there the stronger the imprint.

This is why when you move to a different home it feels uncomfortable for a day or two. The previous occupant’s energy is imprinted in the home, and until your own energy is imprinted it will feel uncomfortable.
A residual haunting is much like this but the energy so embedded into the property caused by traumatic circumstances it truly never goes away. This kind of haunting isn’t actually a ghost, though residual haunts are more likely to produce a full bodied apparition than other hauntings.

It is still not a ghost, it doesn’t know your there and will happen whether your there or not. It works like a movie, the same image or sound will play over and over. It could happen weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

No need to feat a residual haunt it’s just energy taking form, playing and the dissipating.

Mike Morris

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