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If you have a place that is worth consecrating, it is worth protecting. Guardians can be in many places, they are thought forms set in place by experts and have very specific instructions. Older guardians can and do remain extremely and unpleasant if it thinks you shouldn’t be there.

An inner plane guardian is at almost every sacred place. They are raised and put into place at the time of consecration. In ancient times this was done by sacrificing an animal or person.  When and if the place was deconsecrated the guardian is summoned, thanked, blessed, and dispersed. If the place was moved the guardian could be temporarily housed. Many were housed in glass containers, it is said this is where the genie in the bottle came from.

There are two ways a guardian can be drawn to a place, if it isn’t put there.

                A living person forms an attachment to the location and will stay with it after death. Usually this is the first person to die after the place has been put up.

                A place becomes so empowered from use, that is attracts an angelic being who joins those that worship. It may also be an entity that moves in on the location to feed off the power created there.

The guardian will eventually weaken and fade if the place ends up not being used anymore.

Churches always have guardians, usually by the essence of the saint whom it is dedicated. Many old pubs are built on sites of ancient meeting grounds. Were guardians have been set in place. These old meeting places were at a central point of an area. Eventually these places became places to eat, drink and sleep.

Every country has a guardian, which should be greeted as you approach the territory. A small gift, such as a pack of seeds, to the land is appreciated and insures a nice visit.

Old cemeteries also have a guardian, usually the guardian is the last person buried, until the next burial. Finally the last to be buried in that cemetery is the guardian.

Old houses often hold a family guardian. Ireland is famous for its banshees, the wailing woman whom sits by the front door and wails loudly when a family member is about to die. Those that have heard a banshee wail, describe it as a wail that begins low and harsh. It gets louder and louder until it pierces your eardrums and fills the head with pain and then slow goes away. If the family moves to another home or even another country the banshee will move with them.

There are many ways to make guardians, the use of thought forms and elements can make for a powerful being that is the protector of the property. I don’t believe this is commonly done today, but I am sure it is still practiced.

When performing a paranormal investigation keep in mind it may not be a spirit that is roaming the property it may also be a guardian.

Mike Morris

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