Friday, August 26, 2011

Ghosts, Weather and Moon

Moon phases and weather do have an effect on the paranormal. We have all heard  of how the full moon affects humans and animals. Statistics show that hospital activity increases during the full moon. People are more aggressive during the full moon, in fact the term lunatic stems from the word lunar.

It is popular belief that ghost hunting three days prior and after a full and new moon phase increase the chances of experiencing paranormal activity. This is due to the magnetic fields being stronger during the moon phases. It is another belief that ghost can use this stronger magnetic energy to manifest.

Weather conditions can have an effect on paranormal activity also, October thru February are very good months to go ghost hunting. During these months humidity is very low, and electrostatic energy is very high. Three hours after a thunderstorm is another good time to go ghost hunting.

Space weather is another condition to consider, geomagnetic and solar storms have a very strong effect on paranormal activity. A geomagnetic field is observed in and around the earth. A geomagnetic storm is a disturbance of the magnetic field world wide.

Solar storms are caused by the sun creating solar flares. These flares send charged particles to earth, which can cause a worldwide magnetic shift.

I have investigated in all kinds of weather conditions and moon phases. We have had successful hunts during the conditions described above. There were times we didn’t have success during these conditions.

High humidity is said to be not very good ghost hunting weather, but I remember a rain storm in Gettysburg that produced all kinds of paranormal phenomena.

Mike Morris

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