Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thought Forms

What are thought forms? They are exactly what they sound like thought. They are the product of our creative imagination. A thought form is a form of energy created by thought and emotion. It is a non entity form of energy that often behaves as an actual entity. If enough thought and emotion fuels a thought form, it can manifest into many things even a form of its own.

They can be strong enough to become entities on the astral or subtle dimensions. They are sometimes called an artificial elemental. We are influenced by thought forms at one time or another. Advertising is using thought forms all the time.

Homes and objects are easily imprinted with thought forms. Sometimes what people believe to be spirits in the home are actually thought forms that haven’t dissipated or dissolved. They have dynamic electrical aspects and that energy can cause spirit like phenomena.

Imagine you are in the dark; now imagine you are alone in the woods in the dark. There is a slight breeze and two tree branches rub together and make a screeching or growling sound. What was that you think to yourself? All your senses are now on high alert; you hear every little rustle and crack in the woods. Your eyes start making some sort of sense out of what you see, stumps become bears, monsters, etc... Your mind has all kinds of thoughts and images running through it. Of course you are in the woods and form of thinking will only last until you’re in the safety of your car or home.

 Now imagine something unexplainable happens in your home you are full of fear. Again your senses are on high alert but this time there is really nowhere to go. A few days later it happens again, now you’re thinking something is wrong could it be a ghost? It may or may not be, but you start thinking you do have a ghost. Your fear takes over you start worrying and then obsessing on the thought of a ghost, thus a thought form is born.

Is this why sage and holy water seem to work but only for a short time? Is it enough to ease the client’s mind, to make it dissipate for a while? Once those strong creative thoughts start up again, the thought form returns.
Or is it the complete opposite sage and holy water doesn’t affect the thought form at all because they are artificial.

That is why I believe initial interviews are very important with clients. Especially when the client talks of every home they lived in had a spirit or the spirit seems to be following them from home to home. I’m not saying every case like this is a thought form but it is certainly something to consider.

Thought forms can also be used in a creative way to get the things in life you want. You have heard the power of positive thinking. The same holds true for the power on negative thinking. Both are thought forms.
If you are consistently worrying about the lack of something, you’re going to get that lack of something. It’s all energy, the laws of attraction.

Thought forms are very powerful and can work with or against us.

Mike Morris

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