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Elementals (aka nature spirits) are beings and spirits associated with nature. Elemental aren’t like ghosts they never knew life as we know it, as they originate from another realm of existence.

Every society taught that there were spirits associated with everything that grows on the planet. There are many different names for elementals in the west we refer to them as faeries and elves, other names are nature spirits and devas.

Elementals are mother earth’s children. They are many sided as nature herself, coming in all forms and sizes. Elementals like to get our attention; one way of doing this is moving things on us. Something has just flat out disappeared and now all of a sudden is back where you thought it was is an indication of an elemental.

Elementals energy is usually strong, inducing altered states of consciousness and even triggering an adrenal response in the body. They have intense energy and are usually misinterpreted as something evil.

For some reason it is easier for us to believe in ghosts than it is to believe in elementals. Ghosts have a connection with us, they were once living. Elementals on the other hand never were living as we do.

Every plant, rock and animal has a spirit. These spirits can join together to create a spirit of the area. Elementals are considered more ethereal than spiritual; they can choose to be visible or invisible as they please.

The elemental kingdom- the four basic elements are fire, air, earth and water. Within each element lives a spirit unique to the element.

Salamanders are the spirits of fire; they are considered the strongest and most powerful of the elementals. Their ruler is the Djinn those who have seen them say they are terrible but magnificent in appearance. Like all elementals they can be mischievous at times. They are like children and don’t fully understand the results of their actions. The salamander’s job is to create fire and found everywhere that holds a flame.

Sylphs are the spirits of air; they have the highest vibratory rate of the four. Their ruler is Paralda who lives on the highest mountain on earth. They travel in the wind and are kindly towards humans. They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or faeries, but they are not faeries. They are associated with the mental aspect; one of their jobs is to help humans receive inspiration.

Gnomes are the spirits of earth, the younger brethren of the animal, vegetable, and mineral world. They can often be found in houses and gardens where there is a happy and loving atmosphere. They often befriend children or take on guardianship of homes for their own delight.

Undines are the spirits of water; they are able to control the course and function of water. They exist in water itself and cannot be seen with the physical eye. Their ruler is Necksa, undines love, serve, and honor her unceasingly. They are very emotional beings and are very friendly and helpful to human beings. The undines work with the liquid of plants, animals and humans. They are present everywhere containing water.

Mike Morris

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