Friday, July 29, 2011

Electromagnetic Fields EMF

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere and are natural or man-made. Electric fields are created by voltage, the higher the voltage the stronger the field. Magnetic fields are created when the current is moving. The greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field.

Natural sources of electromagnetic fields:

Electric fields are produced by local build up of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms.

A magnetic field is what makes the needle in a compass point to the north. It is also used by birds and fish for navigation.

The power to your house is man-made electromagnetic field. An electric field exists as soon as you plug in an appliance into an outlet. When you turn that appliance on you now have created a magnetic field. Both electric and magnetic fields exist in the home. The two are closely tied together and are called electromagnetic fields.
EMF does affect the human body; some folks are more sensitive than others.

How does EMF related to the paranormal.

It is believed that spirit use EMF to manifest an apparition or to manipulate objects. It’s like a power source to the spirit, a spirit needs energy to do things and EMF is readily available in all homes.

The fear cage, a fear cage is EMF that is very high in a concentrated area. Some people get feelings of being watched when near a fear cage. They can also get sick and some claim they can even hallucinate.

EMF is spirit fuel, when I see high EMF in a residence or building I don’t see a fear cage at first. I see a charging system for a spirit to use. Just because there is high EMF we can’t assume the client is sensitive to it. Sure there is a possibility they are and a thorough investigation would help determine what is going on.

Mike Morris

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