Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Battlefield Bed & Breakfast

On the anniversary of the end of the Gettysburg battle I decided to write a blog about my experiences at the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast. Built in 1809 the Battlefield B&B is a real civil war home.

The ride back the old dirt road of the Battlefield B&B made me wonder how many souls still remain in this area. After we past a few newer homes on the right, we came upon a fence that certainly was restored to the time of the battle. I couldn’t help but think I was in another time.

There was an excitement in the air, as we were the first team to investigate the barn. Upon our arrival I was immediately attracted to the barn, and spent most of my night there. It was a cold rainy March evening perfect for a ghost movie, but not for an investigation.

After getting all the equipment set up I decided to go out in the barn and take some photos before we got started. The first few photos had nothing, and then I took one of the barn ceiling and got a mist. Then took a few others around the barn, there were 4 more with mists out of the 10 photos I took. At first I thought I was catching my breath on the photos, so I deliberately exhaled in front of the camera and caught nothing. I tried again and caught nothing again, so I am convinced I didn’t capture photos of my breath.

 I am always taking photos of ceilings I believe a spirit wouldn’t use the ground as we do, why would they the advantage is in the air. Not to say I don’t take lower photos I just try to capture the whole room.

Once the investigation got started Alvin and I were paired up and we were to investigate the barn. The barn was used during the battle to nurse the wounded. Alvin started an EVP session, while I listened and recorded with the parabolic mic. Alvin asked if there are any wounded in the barn, I heard someone moan on the parabolic mic. It was coming from the left side of the barn, he asked again but I heard nothing the second time.

Alvin asked if someone could make a noise, and a few seconds later there was a bang behind us by the barn entrance. That was the only thing we got in the first hour. Later some of the guests joined Alvin and I in the barn. We left the guest ask some questions, it was pretty quiet. One of the guests was using the parabolic mic and heard moaning coming from the left side of the barn. After another hour of trying to get someone to make a noise or light up the EMF detector we decided to close the session.

The Scott and I headed out to the barn; again we were trying to catch our breath on the cameras but got nothing. Scott started and EVP session, while I took photos. It felt like someone tugged on my jacket behind me, I took a photo over my shoulder. I reviewed the photo, it looked like an arc on the view finder, and I believe it was an orb in motion. I took some more photos of the barn and had another which I thought was a finger print on the lens, but after taking another photo and no fingerprint I wasn’t sure what I captured. It was too small on the viewfinder to make out what it was.

After that I caught back up with Alvin and we did some investigating in the B&B. After investigating the home for an hour it was now 2:30am, we decided to head home as we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us.

Gettysburg was awesome, it surely didn’t let down. The place had activity and if we had caught nothing on our recorders or film it wouldn’t have mattered. You could feel that there were definitely spirits among us.

Mike Morris

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