Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ghost Box

Many moons ago a man named Thomas Edison was rumored to be working on a device that could enable us to talk to the dead. There historians that say this is untrue, Thomas Edison didn’t believe in the afterlife.

Present day there is a device termed the ghost box, the first box invented was called the franks box in the 1990’s. Frank Sumption got the idea for the ghost box from a popular electronics magazine; he was also experimenting with EVPmaker software by Stefan Bion.

Frank designed a box that took random voltage to create raw audio from an am tuner, then amplified and sent through an echo chamber, and then recorded. The box would create audio bits and white noise that spirits could use to manipulate into words and phrases.

Then it was discovered that you could take a radio shack am/fm radio and modify it to sweep the channels much like a franks box. The ghost box was born; you didn’t need to be an electrician to make one. A simple modification was all that was needed to have your very own ghost box. Search you tube for ghost box hacks to find models and how to make one, as there are many models available.

What makes the ghost box special? The ghost box allows for two way communication, you can talk to spirits in real time much like using a walkie talkie.

The box is not hard to use but it takes a little while to adjust to hear what is being said. When the ghost box scans through the channels you will get bits of audio and blips. They can be distracting, but with a little practice using the device you will soon be able to hear answers to your questions. It’s important to record your ghost box sessions, especially if you are new to the box, so you can review it later to see if you had missed something.

The ghost box is affordable and a pretty cool piece of equipment for investigators to experiment with.

Mike Morris

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