Saturday, July 30, 2011


What is an orb? It is a type of an anomaly, a ball of light.

Being a paranormal investigator I have seen my share of orb photos. Most of which I captured myself and others that showed me and wanted to know if it is a ghost. There are many things that are completely natural that cause this effect on cameras. Some of them are dust, moisture, reflections, pollen, bugs, dirty camera lens, rain, and snow.

Then there are the orb photos that are just hard to explain, motion. While doing an investigation in Gettysburg, I took a photo right after something tugged on my jacket. What I capture was an arcing orb. I would consider this to be of paranormal nature. Do I think that orb was a ghost? No, I don’t think any orb is a ghost. I believe it to be energy, something a spirit could use to help communicate with us.

So how do we determine if an orb is paranormal? I only consider orbs as evidence if something else was detected at the same time the photo was taken. Examples may be EMF spike, temperature change, someone being touched, and voices are heard just to name a few.

Now consider you’re in an old building, cemetery, or an old road. You walking around taking photos, you’re kicking up dust as you walk around. Also most folks go spirit hunting at night usually in the warm months of the year. There is a ton of moisture in the air on summer nights; chances are you will capture orbs and lots of them. 

Orb classifications

Class 1-Supernatural
Anomalies that can NOT be explained, instruments were used to gather physical readings or measurements. Photos should show readings and instruments being used if possible.

Class 2-Psychic
Anomalies that are seen, sensed, or heard. Examples would be seeing or feeling a presence, cold spots, scents, and or voices. Photos should show anomalies as the event is occurring.

Class 3-Natural
Anomalies that can be explained. Examples would be reflection, lens flare, dust, rain, snow, fog, breath, insects, pollen, etc. Photos should be disregarded as paranormal.

Orbs have their place in the paranormal field, but we first must make sure it is a real orb.

Mike Morris

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