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Mirror Mirror, the lore of mirrors

Since ancient times mirrors or other reflective surfaces, have been considered portals to the unseen realms of spirits. Spirits have been summand through mirrors for ages. They also could be used to see the past or the future. Standing water whether it be natural or in a bowl was used like a mirror. Other items used were polished metals and crystal balls.

 In folklore mirrors are soul stealers, they have the power to rip the soul right out of bodies. It is also said that demons can enter through mirrors. Actually any spirit can use a mirror as a doorway into our world. If you see your reflection in a mirror in a room that someone has died in, it is considered an omen of death. Mirrors are said to hold souls if you would break a mirror the soul is also broken.

Scrying is the use of a black mirror in a dimly lit room; you place yourself in the room where you cannot see your reflection or the reflection of anything else in the room. Staring at the mirror you enter an altered state of consciousness, spirits may appear in the mirror and be available for communication. Some believe you are projecting your subconscious thoughts onto a black canvas to see your thought images, a sort of self analysis.

Nostradamus scryed with a bowl of water, the bowl was painted black. He would stare into the bowl until he saw visions of the future.

Haunted homes that are plagued with activity are known to have mirror problems, especially if they are in the bedroom. You are your most vulnerable when you are sleeping, mirrors should never be at the head or foot of the bed. Also you should not be able to see your reflection when you lay in bed.

Mirrors in hallways should never look into a room, if they do, they should be moved. Mirrors also should never be facing one another, as this would create a fun house effect. It is believed they warp dimensional space and would allow spirits to enter.

Folklore suggests that mirrors should be on a wall facing a window or door. If a spirit should try to enter a window or door it would see its reflection and scare itself off.

If you cannot remove a mirror mix purified water and sea salt, apply on the frame of the mirror. This should be done with the combination of prayer. This will keep any unwanted entities from using the mirror as a portal.

Mirror Monsters

Bloody Mary- If you would like to see bloody Mary all you would have to do is enter a room with a mirror close all doors and draw the shades. Light a candle, stare into the mirror and chant bloody Mary 3 times, other variations call for 13 times.

If you should see bloody Mary, chances are you will end up with scratches all over your face and or body. Some say she appears with a knife, while other claims she carries a bloody baby.

The stories of how bloody Mary came to be are plenty. Many believe it is Queen Mary aka Bloody Mary, but most believe is it Mary Worth. Mary Worth was a beautiful young lady whom had a terrible accident that left her disfigured. Her parents hid all the mirrors in the house so she would know what she looked like. The story goes that one day she found a mirror; she was so shocked at what she saw she went into the mirror looking for her own reflection. She vowed to disfigure anyone who called upon her name.

The Candyman

To summand the candyman look into a mirror and chant candyman 5 times, it is said if the candyman appears he will kill you with his hook.

The legend states that the candyman was a black slave named Daniel Robitaille. Daniel worked at a plantation in New Orleans, he was a very good painter and he was chosen by the plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter.

Daniel fell in love with his daughter. When the plantation owner found out he raised an angry mob to hunt Daniel down. When they caught up with Daniel they sawed off his right hand, covered him in honey and tossed him into a bee hive. Daniel died, but before he did he vowed to return and exact his revenge. He would appear when his name was called 5 times.

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