Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jamaican Boy's Haunting Caught on Tape?

This story was originally reported in 2010, but it is nevertheless, startling and intriguing. An 11 year old Jamaican boy was being tormented by ghost or a Duppy as it is called in Jamaica and some disturbances were caught on video. Unlike some videos claiming paranormal activity that typically appear on a television show, this video was actually reported by the area’s local news.

The boy is claiming that he is being tormented by a classmate who passed away. Some are claiming that it is an evil spirit or even djinn that may be responsible. Viewing the news footage, as you can see below, it is quite unsettling what is happening to the boy. In one portion of the video, the young man is sitting on a chair being interviewed by the news crew when the chair suddenly is pulled back. The open doorway behind the chair makes this event questionable. Is it possible that something was rigged behind him?

The second piece of footage of the boy’s leg being pulled while standing in the street in front of a wall, make it a little more difficult to eliminate tampering. The sudden jerking of the boys leg is in of itself nothing remarkable, but watch his feet and legs as one of his family members tries to pull him away. It appears that he is sliding then his legs go up into the air as the female relative takes hold of him.
The family has tried praying and taking the boy to church, but the episodes continued until a local bishop visited the family and performed a ritual to bless the child and protect him from the paranormal activity. Following the intervention, the young man said he could still see the spirit of his dead classmate but that the ghost was no longer tormenting him.

Cases such as these are frightening, and although it’s possible there was a ghost , it’s also very possible the activity was coming from the young man himself. The story reminds me of some stories I have read of exorcisms where the mere performance of an exorcism frees the person of believing they are being possessed by a demon. A mention of this was in the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose which was loosely based on a real case. A doctor testified that a drug used to treat epilepsy would prevent a person from believing an exorcism was successful.

Is it possible that the young man is suffering from a mental disorder that is causing him to react in ways that appear something is physically tormenting him? Did the death of his classmate have such a profound affect on him that it manifested in a poltergeist episode? Regardless, the young man felt relief from the bishop’s assistance and that in itself is what is the most important.

Kerri L. Schultz

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