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Djinn Types

Djinn Types
Some of the best known djinn are:

Aifrit: Evil and powerful; difficult to control

Ghul: Nocturnal shape-shifting creatures who inhabit graveyards and lonely places and feed on the flesh of humans, it is said they prefer travelers, children and corpes that are stolen from graves. Of the several types of ghul, the female(ghula) is feared most whom has the ability to appear as a mortal woman. She seduces and then marries an unsuspecting man who then becomes her prey.

Hinn: Are weak djinn, they like to appear as dogs.

Jann: Desert dwelling shape-shifters who take shape of whirlwinds and are the enemy of the ghul. They are open-minded about humans and among the first to be encountered by people.

Marid: Unruly and rebellious, the most powerful of djinn. They are known as blue djinn, they possess great knowledge of magic. Usually the ones associated with wish-granting genies.

Nasnas: Weak form of djinn, hybrids of human-like and animal-like forms. They may account for alien and mysterious creature forms. Nasnas are said to be the offspring of a shigg and human.

Palis: A vampiric foot licker, whom drains unsuspecting travelers blood by licking the soles of their feet.

Shaitan: (Shaytan) a rebellious, malevolent djinn associated with demonic forces.

Shiqq: Lower form of djinn, only half formed usually monstrous in appearance.

Silat: Expert shape-shifting djinn, very smart and can shape-shift into human appearance with ease.

Djinn Colors

Green: Young and immature djinn, often playful and mischievous.

Yellow: Leaders of families and smaller clans. They are less powerful than blue but more powerful than green.

Blue: Older, intelligent djinn, often ambivalent about humans.

Red: Hostile and aggressive djinn.

Black: Powerful djinn, thought to be kings. It is not known if one king or if there are multiple ones.

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  1. If I may correct something about what you've typed about the Aifrit/Ifrit/Efreet: Yes, they are very difficult to control, if only because of their pride (If you were of the tribe of warriors/protectors of the Djinn (be it physically, or of their race's knowledge/culture/general well-being), I'd be willing to bet you'd have a bit of a pride issue as well.). Also, please take into account the Efreet are a major part in what stands between the enemies of the Djinn and the race's destruction (along with the Marid, but those guys tend to keep at a distance where their more powerful magic would be the most useful), I'd be willing to bet you'd regard any stranger with a sense of suspicion as well, if not with a bit of hostility if that same stranger has the gall to assume you should kowtow (or at the very least, give them something) without first earning your respect. Also, to label all members of a tribe or race as "evil" just because they have nasty tempers when provoked (as do ALL the Djinn, even the ones considered "friends of humanity"), or just because they look a certain way is a little unfair, at least to me. (I have encountered a Djinn who has blood-red skin with a black stripe down the middle of their back, with black stripes radiating out of that central one almost like a tiger, and he's pretty quiet, even gentle when his temper's not flared.).

    OK, now that that mile-long rant is over, allow me to state that this is actually quite an informative little page, even if it doesn't go into any great detail about each tribe (which I don't fault you for, the Djinn are very secretive, and rightfully so). I didn't even know about some of these tribes (I thought that the animal-looking ones are just possessed animals that the other Djinn used to disguise themselves in order to make a quick getaway. They're half-breeds? Cool! ^_^)