Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Djinn The Other Dark Entity

In the paranormal field today, there are many who are quick to say it’s a demon. It may be, but it may also be the other dark entity the djinn. The djinn are very capable of doing what a demon does and may even tell you they are a demon. There is one big difference. A demon possesses for the soul, djinn possess for their own goal or pleasure. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Vengeful Djinn, said it best; they are the entity behind a mask.

Djinn, meaning hidden one, are very good at hiding who they really are. They will tell you they are a lot of things (demons, family members, loved ones, etc.) before they tell you they are a djinn. Though it is said if your persistent enough they will finally give up who they are and their name.

Who are the Djinn and where do they come from?

 God created the djinn from smokeless fire; the angels were created from the purist light long before man was created. Then God made man, god told the angels to bow down to his new creation and they did so, having no free will. God then told Eblis (the chief and father of the djinn) to bow down to his new creation; Eblis having free will did not. He said No! We will not bow down to human beings they are inferior to us; we have no reason to do so. God got angry and cast the djinn out of paradise and into a world that parallels ours.
There are good and evil djinn, just like every other creature, but most are evil because they believe that god has put humans in a better place. They desire to be here, were we are.

Djinn live much like we do; they have families, eat, sleep, and die. Unlike humans they can live for hundreds of years. They are very loyal to their kind; if you harm one, intentionally or not, they will come after you.  They have the ability to move between dimensions, slipping in and out of our world at will. It has been rumored that governments including the U.S. are trying to capture djinn to learn of their trans-dimensional powers.

Djinn are master shape-shifters. They can shape-shift into anything they choose including humans. Forms they like to take are shadow people, reptilian creatures, black dogs, and snakes. There are many stories where they took form of cows, camels, and trees, virtually anything.

As far as paranormal phenomena, djinn can create it all from bumps and knocks to full bodied apparitions. They are also known to use seductive forms, either male or female, much like the incubus or succubus. Djinn like to take on shadow people figures because they are featureless, they are known to stand in your bedroom while you are sleeping and observe.  Is the hooded shadow man and the hatman djinn?  Some believe they observe while we are sleeping to gather information, so they can hold a form for longer periods of time in our dimension. They also can possess a person, though this is for their own pleasure or goal.

 Rosemary Ellen Guiley stated that if the paranormal phenomena is chronic and just won’t go away it’s a good chance it’s a djinn.

Djinn aren’t demons, so exorcisms very seldom work on them (it is said it works on young djinn). More powerful djinn are very hard to get rid of. Most times you cannot force them out, you must bargain with them.
Channeling and Ouija boards, if you attempting to contact someone using this type of media chances are you’re going to be dealing with a djinn. They are forever trying to get a foot hold in our world, and this is a perfect opportunity for them to do so. There are usually many people involved, which give them the energy they need to get into this dimension. They are great tricksters, and can take on forms of angels, extra-terrestrials, and even loved ones when channeling. They have the power to read minds and be very convincing that they are who they say they are.

Zozo is an entity brought about by the use of an Ouija board, over the past few years zozo (or a name that is closely spelled to zozo such as zuza) horror stories have been popping up everywhere over the internet. It is a dark entity that wreaks havoc in the home that just won’t go away. Zozo is believe to be a djinn, I believe the whole Ouija” Z” entities not to be one djinn but a clan of djinni trying to make their way into our world.

Many writers of the djinn, believe that they not only manifest as ghosts. They believe they are also manifesting as aliens and other creatures such as: mothman, bigfoot, etc.

There is a lot to be said of the djinn, hopefully this article will make you curious enough to look into the world of the djinn. You might find one your paranormal investigations may point to djinn. If that is the case, really study these entities, they are very vengeful. Know what you are getting into, before you get in too deep.

By Mike Morris


  1. Hey, me again...I'm the one (obviously) who ranted about you making the blanket statement of Djinn being evil. Sorry, that just struck a nerve with me, don't know why. I agree with you, they can and usually are tricky buggers (most likely because they either can't or don't think like we do), and they hold a grudge like nothing else.

    I have a legitimate question, however, and it may seen ridiculous to even think it...Is it possible for a Djinn to be supposedly born to human parents (like put into a mortal coil or "disguise"), and only recently fully realize their true origins when they get to be what would be considered an adult? Just curious.

  2. I think my question is even stranger than the one above, but here it goes... Do you suppose it's possible for a human and a djinn to have a hybrid offspring? If djinn can manifest into physical form, and since they have families of their own as you say they do, then couldn't a human-djinn mix be born, presumably into the physical plane?
    I might think yes, because djinn can take on human form, and have their own families, and since a physical being with a human body could have a non-human spiritual body. Wouldn't the child just be physically human in appearance-for the most part-and possess djinn qualities as a part of their non-visible anatomy? Or something like that? Thanks! Great article, t'was very eye-opening.

  3. People don't actually believe Djinn's exist, right?
    But it was very detailed, and I learned alot, thanks!

  4. So correct me if I'm wrong, but what I am understanding about the Djinn is that they want to be in our world, they are the wear masks, the don't forgive, they are tricksters, they can take on human form...so should we expect them? Sounds like Legion.

    1. Ella and everyone else, be not afraid of the Djinn. Like humans there are good Djinn and there are bad Djinn.

      We as human beings have a tendency to "demonize" anything and everything we do not understand. Like the kuran for example calling the Djinn demons. Demons is an inaccurate statement about the Djinn.

      I am a Master of MANY Djinns and not one of them has EVER tried to harm me. In fact, they have helped open many doors of opportunity for me. They are very gentle giants. Very loving souls. And all they want is for humans to stop hating them. And simply get to know them and become a friend. It is as simple as that.

      The Djinns that are angry with humans, can you F-ing blame them for hating us? Look at how humans talk so meanly about them.

      Our ancients that feared the unknown claimed that God told the Djinn to bow down to his human children. This is f-ing wrong because God would never state such a thing BECAUSE the Djinn, angels, and humans are ALL God's children. That's man saying that kind of bs. All God wanted was for all of us to get along with each other. To love one another despite our "so-called differences."

      Do you understand? It is the humans that need to stop hating! Then this world will be a much better place to live for ALL of us. And that's a fact Jack! as the old expression goes.