Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hatman

Imagine, your sound asleep and wake up and see a tall man in a hat in the corner of your bedroom staring at you.You rub your eyes, thinking you are seeing things, you take another look and now he is next to your bed. Your scared and don't know what to do, then he just disappears.

Was your eyes playing tricks on you, or did you just see the Hatman?

 So who is the Hatman?

He is a tall man totally black and looks solid, unlike other shadow people. He is around 6ft. tall. He wears a broad rimmed hat and what looks to be an overcoat. There are some reports that his eyes are a very deep black if you can see them.

Some believe he is the devil himself, I'm not sure I want to call him the devil. I have had encounters with him when I was a child nothing bad had happened, during or after my encounter with him. I like to call him the observer, because that's what it seems he does. There aren't many reports of him moving, though there are some and I wonder if it is another entity.

He can be seen anywhere but it is usually in the bedroom where he likes to show up. Sometimes in the corner of the room, and other times in the doorway. He does like to come closer, it seems like when you blink he is next to your bed looking down at you. Then just as mysteriously as he appeared he disappears.

If you have had an encounter with the Hatman please contact us.


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